Ano Hana Rec / Review

Full Title: Ano Hi Mita Hana No Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Sinarai.

English Title: We Still Don’t know the name of the flower we saw that day.

Have you ever been in love? Have you ever had a friend that has been lost forever? Ano Hana is the story of six childhood friends, who drifted apart when Menma (the girl on the railings) died in a car accident. Years later, they’re all brought back together again as Jinta (red shirt) starts to see her, and she tells asks him to grant her wish. Except…She doesn’t even really know what her wish is.

This is an anime I’ve found hard to put into words. It’s beautifully animated and each character has a very unique and individual personality. From Poppo, the biggest of the group with his relaxed personality who always tries to make every day fun to Yukiatsu, the cross dressing and grumpy teenager who’s trapped in the past and can never forgive Jinta for being Menmas favourite. This anime is both heart breaking and beautiful from love triangles to old grudges whilst still incorpearting humour. Even if it’s not your usual thing, it’s definitely worth having a go. Part of this years spring season of anime, there’s only ten episodes out so far. 


Vampire Knight Review / Rec

(This one was suggested to us. I’m not sure if this is exactly what Ellie wanted, but I’ll give it a go. ^__^ She can shout at me later if I’m wrong)

Upon entering Cross Academy, you may think to yourself ‘This looks like a very nice boarding school. Nice classrooms, fancy dorms, hell, even beautiful students. There must be some sort of catch?’. Well believe me, there is.

The Cross Academy students are split into two groups; The day class and the night class. The day class is filled with average students, including the headmasters adopted daughter, Yuuki Cross, and the child whom he likes to believe he adopted (but never actually did), Zero Kiryuu. The night class however is filled with beautiful and highly intelligent students with mostly wealthy backgrounds. Just as the name suggests, they only come out at night. And why to they come out at night? Because they’re vampires of course, lead by the most beautiful vampire of all, a pureblood named Kaname Kuran.

It is the job of Zero and Yuuki to keep the day class from discovering the night classes secret (although this isn’t always so easy when the day class is obsessed with these beautiful creatures). Although, the night class aren’t the only ones that keep secrets, are they? Whilst Zero and Kaname keep secrets about themselves and their pasts close to their chests, Yuuki must not only uncover and protect them, but find out more about them. What are these secrets? Why is everyone hiding things from Yuuki? Well, you’ll just have to read / watch Vampire Knight to find out!

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I’ve put up this sketch, acoz originally, I set out to fill the queue. Then I spotted my tablet. And started sketching. 
…I shall now go update the queue.

I’ve put up this sketch, acoz originally, I set out to fill the queue. Then I spotted my tablet. And started sketching. 

…I shall now go update the queue.